I'm Stuart Feurtado and welcome to my website. 

From my late teens (when was given a Kodak Instamatic for a Christmas present), to today, I've had a keen interest in photography. This was centered around family and holidays for the most part but when the Kodak was replaced by a Mamya ZE (another Christmas present !!) I started to to try to improve my technical skills and creativity. Later became interested in astronomy bought a second hand Olympus OM1N and a couple of prime lenses and spent many a cold night taking images of the night sky on slide film. It was here that I learnt the value of preparation and patience. Setting up a telescope/camera  and tracking a single star with your eye hovering over a finder scope for several minutes is not everybody's idea of fun but .....

When the digital age arrived I resisted for for a while but eventually moved over and I'm glad I did. I'm also glad that I joined a camera club, the encouragement and enthusiasm of other members has been a great help along the way.  I have also joined the RPS and have gained the LRPS distinction. 


In 2022, I'm exhibiting at ;

Oxfordshire Art Weeks - Deddington Arms Hotel Deddington OX15 0SH - 21st to 29th May

Bucks Art Weeks - St Nickolas Church Kingsey HP17 8LS - 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th June

Leamington Spa Art in the Park - Jephson and Mill Gardens, CV32 4AA - 13th and 14th August

Old Fire Station Gallery Henley Oxfordshire RG9 2AG -27th to 29th August



You can also see my work on my Flikr and Instagram pages :

http:/​/​www.​flickr.​com/​photos/​[email protected]/​


Have a successful 2022 and stay safe.

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